The Limewash Story

Sarah and Lewis were friends long before they set up Limewash, but over a decade ago, sitting by a roaring fire on the North Norfolk Coast, accompanied by good food and red wine, Limewash was born. 

We both shared a drive to create a strategic marketing and creative agency that delivered value from marketing for businesses, but which was also an inspiring, fun and collaborative working environment, giving us both the balance we wanted between our professional and personal lives.

Prior to Limewash we worked in the corporate sector. During that time, we were profoundly struck by the shear waste and noise created by some of those businesses – throwing communication after communication out into the ether, often driven by what competitors were doing, rather than thinking ‘is this really right for us?’  We called it (and still do!) the ‘spaghetti at a wall’ tactic, i.e., throw as much at the wall as you can and see what sticks, don’t worry about the waste created along the way. Back then that tactic felt wrong to us and it’s even more troubling now given our ever-decreasing world resources. In founding Limewash, we vowed not to be a ‘yes’ agency, taking a brief and promising to deliver without any challenge or regard as to whether what was being asked of us was in fact the right thing to do. We set out to be different. Chasing profit and creative awards are not purposeful outcomes for us.

Insight guided marketing

Passionately curious, insightfully guided, delivering work that connects with the audiences that matter every time.

Our Approach

Our approach is to be truly audience first.  That means, not only understanding where our clients want their businesses to go, but in tandem really getting to the bottom of who their audiences are so that we can truly understand why they make the decisions they do, from their perspective, and not what someone else perceives or assumes them to be.  There is genuine gold dust insight in every 20-minute discussion with a customer or prospect that you won’t find elsewhere. 

Imagine then, multiplying those discussions by 20 and it’s amazing how the collective insight helps shape what makes a business truly different, how to develop a brand, what messages should be communicated and which activities should be the focus to truly drive value from every marketing effort.  Having worked across a variety of industries over the last 20 years, we’ve developed and refined our frameworks and models and know first-hand, through our clients’ and our own success, how powerful they are in shaping strategy and creative, intelligent brand and campaign work.

Specialising in Property

We’re now 13 years in and have quietly been accumulating huge amounts of knowledge and skill in the marketing of commercial property, particularly of places with a life science, technology and innovation focus. In fact, one of our very first clients was Chesterford Research Park, who remain valued clients today. Over the years we’ve added countless more parks, campuses, developers, investors, commercial agents and consultants to our client roster, all through word of mouth recommendation. 

We are now fully immersed in the world of commercial property and through our audience first approach have built up a huge bank of insight pinpointing who the audiences for these places are and what they are looking for in a location. We have made a lot of connections, building a network in this space that we believe is unparalleled.

The Limewash Community

For us, one of the most enjoyable parts of what we do is working with a handpicked community of fabulous people, all of whom have reams of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for their particular specialisms. We don’t pretend to know everything, far from it, and so we partner with those that do to deliver across disciplines such as SEO, social media and motion graphics. Our partner network is made up of highly skilled people who we have come to know through our careers to date - they are friends first and colleagues second. This network of senior level talent is who we gather in to deliver our projects. The right mix for the right job.

And finally…

Both of us are immensely proud of what we have achieved through Limewash over the past 13 years, whilst importantly, also retaining some balance in life to do and enjoy other things. We’ve built a happy and cohesive team and trusted partnership network, which has resulted in an exciting and vibrant work culture, enabling us to create and deliver exceptional work to our clients and their teams every day. We are understated, choosing not to chase acclaim or awards, or growth for growths sake, but rather invest our time and energy in advising our clients on what is best for them and questioning things that are wasteful to their time, resource and money. 

However, the absolute best bit is that we remain best and lifelong friends who enjoy each other’s company every day; laughing our way through meetings together; walking and hanging out with our dogs at every opportunity and even still managing to share good food, decent wine and great company together in front of roaring fires! They say don’t work with family or friends…ask either one of us and we would have to entirely disagree!

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