We are experts in commercial property marketing. Creating strategies, brands and insightful communications to deliver science, technology and innovation places that thrive long into the future.


Sarah and Lewis were friends long before they set up Limewash, but well over a decade ago, sitting by a roaring fire on holiday on the North Norfolk Coast, we were animatedly discussing a shared passion - the creation of a strategic marketing and creative agency that delivered value from marketing for businesses – out of this discussion Limewash was born...

We’re now 13 years in and have quietly been accumulating huge amounts of knowledge and skill in the marketing of commercial property, particularly of places with a life science, technology and innovation focus. In fact, one of our very first clients was Chesterford Research Park, who remain valued clients today. Over the years we’ve added countless more parks, campuses, developers, investors, commercial agents and consultants to our client roster, all through word of mouth recommendation. 

The Limewash Story
We work with a handpicked community of people with knowledge and experience.
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Working with us

We know Limewash isn't right for everyone. Before jumping in, we welcome the opportunity to have an initial chat to uncover whether there is a fit between what you need and what we do. If there isn’t, we hope we all leave having had an interesting discussion. If it feels right, we can take it further.

We rarely do pitches. In our experience, an arm’s length up front pitch without time to explore your business, your place and the audiences you need to reach in detail will not lead to a successful creative execution. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. If, however, you are looking for an agency which will get under the skin of who you are and the place(s) you are creating, challenge your thinking, and explore everything there is to know about your audiences to help shape your brand and communications before producing intelligent creative that is inspired by powerful insights…it might be worth having a chat.

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